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Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses

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Formulated for Maximum Potency, Experience True Benefits with Our Premium Liposomal C

Supports Immunity: Studies shows high dose Vitamin C may support immunity response

Supports Healthy Aging: A review of several studies conclude that supplementing high dose vitamin C results in increased skin elasticity, better color, and reductions in facial wrinkling/roughness/pore size

Supports the Body's Primary Collagen Production: Surpasses oral collagen supplements

Vitamin C is a Key for the Body's Energy/Alertness: Studies show noticeable improvements with high dose supplementation

Sodium Free: Highest Bioavailable Pure Unbuffered C (Scotland - Quali-C®)

100% Ingredients Are From Europe & USA with NO: Artificial Preservatives/Flavorings, Sweeteners, Soy, Gluten, or Alcohol - Made in USA

Most notice the difference after just a few days!

Delivered as a liquid liposomal supplement in a resealable screw-top fresh pouch.

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What is a Liposomal Supplement?

A new technology, liposomal supplements are the most potent dietary supplements that you can take orally. Lipo Naturals boosts supplement levels in your body far higher than previously thought possible without an IV. Most regular supplement pills, liquids, and powders have an upper limit that can pass through the digestive system.

Lipo Naturals encapsulates pure-grade dietary supplements in a microscopic lipid bubble - called a 'liposome.' This liposome, 1/500th the width of a hair, becomes a vehicle for its contents, exceeding the previous oral bioavailability of regular vitamins. With supplements encapsulated in this way, they're easy on the stomach, easily absorbed, and far more potent than other high dose supplements. They work so well, our customers are realizing many new benefits from our liposomal supplements!

Pure Vitamin C Potency, Not Buffered

Many supplement brands use a man-made buffered form of vitamin C, called 'Sodium Ascorbate.' When mammals (except us humans) produce vitamin C in their livers, they produce pure unbuffered vitamin C, called 'L-Ascorbic Acid', not Sodium Ascorbate.

Your body isn't quite sure about Sodium Ascorbate. Tests show pure vitamin C indicates about 2x blood levels compared to sodium buffered. Lipo Naturals designed our formula using pure vitamin C, maximizing the effect of our dosage even compared to IVs, and keeping sodium out of the equation. *Measured average mg/dL vitamin C blood-levels after 4-5gm oral dose†

  • Right-sized Liposomes Maximize Bioavailability

    Some competitors state the smallest liposome possible and "clear liquid" is better, but this is incorrect. Having right-sized liposomes matched to the delivery method is optimal.

    Lipo Naturals, one of the original liposomal brands, developed our formulas to give our customers results, not jargon.

  • What Are You Really Getting From Spray Pumps?

    When seeking a high dose of some supplements, a good amount of physical product is required. Even dissolved in water, the physics of a handheld oral 'spray' delivery system are obvious. There's just a fraction of the desired amount delivered in each pump. This requires MANY pumps to equal the high dose most seek - the amount in a single dose of Lipo Naturals.

  • Designed for Results

    Lipo Naturals targets pores in the stomach, delivering a higher supplement payload to the blood than claims by other brands of liposomes being absorbed in mouth mucosa (lining of the mouth). Our results are faster and more potent than the others. Thousands of customers have given testimonials extoling our benefits, giving us confidence that we properly designed our liposomal formulas.

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  • Lipo Naturals Liposomal Supplement Imaging

    Not all Liposomal supplements are what they claim to be. Manufacturing liposomes is fairly difficult. This is a microscopic image of Lipo Naturals. Our liposomes, too small to image with visible light, are instead imaged with extreme ultraviolet. Our liposomes are 1/500 the width of a hair. There's a few larger ones (we're not perfect, we try), but in general, those tiny dots are what you're looking for, and part of our quality checks.

    Most other brands we test contain no liposomes even though "Liposomal" is on their labels.†

  • Leading Liposomal C Capsule... That Isn't

    This image is from one of the most popular brands of "Liposomal C" in capsule form. You certainly get the convenience of a capsule but you aren't getting any liposomes. This image shows regular powdered vitamin C mixed with lecithin and put in a capsule. The cost is much higher than regular vitamin C that you can get at the corner store, but it isn't much different. It does not have the noticeable benefits of a true liposomal formula.†

  • Other Leading Liquid Liposomal Brand

    This brand does actually make a liposomal supplement, but not all liposomes are created equal. Here the liposomes are extremely large and sparse/malformed compared to a properly designed and manufactured liposomal formula. This is only slightly better than the powdered supplement from the capsule brand, as the liposomes are not numerous or small enough to be absorbed and bioavailable.†

  • That Spray Pump "Liposomal C"

    This image is from the leading brand of spray pump liposomal C. They make the claim that "clear" liquid is better. They state that "any formula that's not clear is not proper." We guess, they meant us. Our formula is cloudy, as it should be. What is clear is that there are no liposomes detected. The extreme ultraviolet (EUV) imaging used here can resolve very tiny particles. This is just plain liquid vitamin C sold at a high cost in an admittedly fancy pump.†

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Just the Details...

Supplement Facts & Ingredients

Serving Size: 1 Tablespoon (~15 ml)
Serving Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

  • Vitamin C (as Quali-C® L-Ascorbic Acid): 1000mg
  • Phosphatidylcholine: 382mg

Other Ingredients: Distilled Water, Lecithin (from sunflowers), Natural Flavors (only fermented plum, mint, & linseed)

Vegan Food. Free of... Gluten, Soy, Alcohol, Sugar, or Dairy.

No GMO, MSG, or other mystery ingredients. 100% Sourced from USA and Europe.

Refrigerate after purchase.

Dosage Information

Because Lipo Naturals doesn't add artificial flavors or sweeteners, the flavor is "interesting." You can easily mix your dose, one tablespoon in the morning, in orange or other juice to mask the flavor. And remember that you'll enjoy all the benefits, even if you don't enjoy the taste. If you're brave, you can take it straight and follow with some water to speed absorption.

It's best to take your dose on an empty stomach - you can eat after 5-10 minutes.

Taking your dose earlier in the day, before breakfast, helps maximize the 'energy' assitance of vitamin C.

For optimal immunity support, during cold/flu season, you'd want to keep vitamin C levels high throughout the day.  In this case, it's best to take a dose in the morning and another dose in the afternoon - before each meal. Taking beyond the recommended dose for short periods is fine when needed.

Since Lipo Naturals is highly bioavailable, taking our liposomal vitamin C in the evening may cause a stimulant effect, delaying sleep.

Per dose, the potency our liposomal supplement is far greater than regular supplements and so should not be directly compared to regular capsules, pills or powders (per milligram nor otherwise).†

Lightly shake before each use.

Frequent Questions

Why does supplementing vitamin C support immunity?

Did you know that most all mammals produce their own vitamin C? Because of what is believed to be a genetic mutation in our ancestors, humans are one of the very few mammals who must obtain vitamin C from their diet. A typical 155lb mammal will produce about 13,000mg of vitamin C in their blood per day. Much more (more than 10x this amount) is produced if injured, stressed or fighting disease. Humans produce zero vitamin C when we're well, and we produce zero when we're sick. Supplementing vitamin C for supporting immunity actually helps humans mimic the animal kingdom's natural vitamin C blood levels.†

Recent studies show a strong link to vitamin C levels and regular immune function. Most scientists will admit, we don't know all the benefits as of yet. Very high doses of vitamin C (sometimes called megadoses) are showing surprising results for helping support the body's immune system. Vitamin C raises hydrogen peroxide levels that pathogens and unhealthy cells are vulnerable to, leaving healthy human cells, who tolerate the higher peroxide levels, unharmed. Vitamin C looks to be the body's natural defense against bad actors, and we are only just discovering the benefits.†

How does Vitamin C help with collagen and healthy aging?

Recent studies are showing vitamin C's powerful healthy aging benefits. Vitamin C is not only a major anti-oxidant, a more direct benefit is that it regulates and promotes collagen production in the body. Hair, nail, skin, bone, heart, teeth and joint health, in fact, health for all areas of the body directly relate to your ability to produce collagen. Studies show that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can increase collagen production by 8-fold! Lipo Naturals Sunflower Liposomal C raises levels of vitamin C in your organs and areas of the body not previously possible without direct intravenous (IV vitamin C) injection.

When first starting Lipo Naturals Sunflower Liposomal C, possible benefits are improvement in nail health, skin complexion, and elasticity. Some see improvements in only 4 weeks. Regular usage may reveal more benefits. As we age, high levels of vitamin C support brain and cardiovascular health.

How do I store Lipo Naturals?

For maximum potency over the course of your dosage with the product, we suggest you store the product in your refrigerator. It is still fine to take it on a trip or while traveling outside without refrigeration, the product will not spoil. Very old and opened product will just lose potency.

Is the pouch BPA Free?

Yes! Unlike other liposomal supplements, Lipo Naturals is packaged in a specially designed pouch that uses many layers of different BPA-free materials to protect the freshness and integrity of the liposomes. The inner layer is specially selected to be acid tolerant and the safest available.

I live in an area with freezing/hot temperatures, is the product okay during shipment since it says 'Refrigerate Upon Purchase' on the label?

The product is very robust to extreme temperatures up to about 125F - and can tolerate freezing temperatures for short periods of time. It says 'Refrigerate Upon Purchase' on the label because chilling it slows potency loss over months. The shipping time (even internationally) would not affect potency as the product is designed to be on a store shelf in ambient temperatures up to the best buy date (about 8 months) with limited potency loss. If still concerned, US/Canada residents can request "Hold For Pickup" in your order notes on checkout. Your shipment will be held at your local post office in air conditioning instead of delivering it in your mailbox. The mail carrier will deliver a pick-up notice to your mailbox.

The product has an offensive taste? Shouldn't it taste like awesome sauce?

The product is not spoiled - this is the normal flavor. Lipo Naturals is not similar to traditional forms of supplements - the pure liposomal form does have a strange flavor. Lipo Naturals has no artificial flavorings or sweeteners added as well. As indicated on our pouch, you can mix your tablespoon dose in a glass of apple or other juice (avoid hot beverages as this affects potency). Or you can take it straight and follow with some water to wash it down if you don’t mind the flavor (many don’t). Keeping the product as pure as possible does increase the potency and shelf-life, ensuring your body best takes advantage of the supplement.

Is your question not here? Please Contact Us and we'll do our best to give you a prompt and accurate answer.

Taking Collagen Supplements? There's a Better Way...

"I’ve been taking this for a week and my skin has already become so much brighter and firmer. Great product."

- Zoe / Verified Customer -

Customer Reviews

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don stagg
Works for me

I take an ounce everyday and I like the way I feel...Never experienced any detox reaction or loose movements with it...I can only say my body tells me it likes this Vit C and the taste is growing on me...FYI many have told me I'm not normal and in these times that's a compliment!

Fancy Simister

Never felt better!

Colleen Ostergren
Liposomal C

Excellent product!


The only C you need

Louis Swanigan
Great combo

I take Liposomal Glutathione along with Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers and it's a great combination. Just that little extra your body needs to stay in top form.