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Liposomal Glutathione

Thank you for quick delivery. I like how this helps me sleep however I do not like its smell and taste. I mix it with orange juice so I can get it down but without the orange juice it tastes awful.

Thank you for this natural product that seems to be helping with sleep! :)

I can tell when I don’t take it

I’ve been taking this a few years. For a few months I stopped and I can feel a difference when I don’t take it. When I stop or skip a day I feel yuck; no energy, I just feel bad overall. When I do take it, yes the taste used to be disgusting, but since it makes me feel healthy, the taste isn’t even a factor anymore. I put a tablespoon in a small glass of water and drink it, wait about ten mins before eating or drinking anything else, and I’m good to go for the day. I recommend it to all my family and friends, that’s how much it makes a positive difference.

LipoNaturals Liquid Liposomal Vitamin C - give it a try!

We have only been using this Vitamin C for a couple of weeks, so we're not sure just how successful it is in our personal metabolism. We changed from a soy-based Liposomal liquid vitamin C, to this LipoNaturals C which is made from sunflower lecithin. I'm sure that this is better for our bodies than any of the soy-based, but the soy based was 3000mg per 1-Tablespoon serving. This Lipo-Naturals is only 1000mg per 1-Tablespoon serving. I'm torn between running up a big bank bill purchasing this LipoNaturals or the other. They both taste atrocious. Both of them will ruin the taste of Prune Juice, Orange Juice, Grape Juice, Cranberry Juice and Pineapple Juice, so taste doesn't enter into the equation.
I'll have to wait until we get some bloodwork done, to give a real evaluation. However, I just placed an order for 5 more containers of the LipoNaturals, because I know it's better for us than the soy-based. So until I know more, I'll leave the 5-star rating, because just for bad taste alone, I can't fault it.

A+ for my C

I take it straight from container. Not sweet at all but I never ever purchase things with fillers and sugar. This is pure stuff—a real feel good to take.

I've never had anything taste so bad I prefer castor oil to this This was disgusting and I really didn't feel like it was doing the trick so I got another product that is definitely hypoallergenic and I can take it without any worries sports research vitamin c That stuff is amazing This stuff is not

I sighed up for every couple months and it seems you sent me to soon I still have 2 months supply...

I was sent product to soon still have 2 months there are not used yet

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses

Take it everyday! Always have it on hand.

We have been taking Liposomal Vitamin C for several years. I typically take two or three tablespoons two to three times a day. It has helped me recover quickly from the few colds I have had and neutralize others the moment I have felt something as it comes on. And, no digestive issues like when you take more than a couple thousand milligrams of powdered, pill form or capsules of vitamin C. This has also proven to be the most effective brand of Liposomal Vitamin C for me.

I've been taking Lipo Naturals since March 2019 (it is now 1/24), They work for me. I haven't had a cold in a long while and never had CV.

Noticed a difference in a week

Wow! After just one week My skin felt more moisturized and softer. I look forward to see the results after my first month. The smell and taste are bad. However, I’m all about the results. And so far so good!😊

Works 100%

Keeping me from getting sick

Helps with Pneumonia

A couple ounces of the C with a little splash of Glutathione added, takes the edge off the weakness caused by pneumonia quite nicely. I never use a measuring spoon, just pour into a small glass about a third of the way full, probable about 2-3 oz. It has made the difference between feeling like I am barely able to stand up from the weakness to being able to walk around and get a few tasks done. The taste is a source of levity, as I refer to the C as “dog vomit” and the Glutathione as “Cat Vomit”, and I laugh, which is good for my soul, as I prepare the blend in my glass, knowing I will feel better within minutes of drinking it. I honestly don’t care what it tastes like, if it gets me back on my feet, which it does. Honestly, I know it is helping save my life, because pneumonia without treatment is death. So, thank you Liponaturals for saving my life. Antibiotics alone were not going to do the entire job of saving me. This “bionic C and Glutathione” as I like to think of them, are a huge part of my healing journey back from pneumonia. I could not be happier to have found Liponaturals. ❤️

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Excellent Product

I've noticed a significance difference in energy levels and I have been exposed to the flu and sinus infections several times and have not gotten sick. Mix with juice very strong flavor

Since we have been taking the supplement, we have rarely become ill! We recommend it to all of our friends and family!

Effect ingredients at an amazing price. Just force it down lol

Just the Best!

Vit. C is one of the substances most recommended to maintain our natural immunity which we desperately need these days. I mix Lipo Naturals C in a green drink daily and get a good dose each day. I can definitely feel a difference if I slack off and skip the drink for a while. My body seems to thrive on Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vit. C.

Best Vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin c is the best vitamin c on the market!

Excellent Source

This is the best and cleanest Vit C I could find. I am confident this is helpng to keep me from ever getting sick.

Staying well

I love this vitamin C, and nothing compares to it. I take it daily and a little more if I start feeling something coming on. Thank you for this wonderful product.

It’s is a wonderful product! It has help my brother blood sugar to be manageable as the reading has come down from what it used to be. He is looking younger and happier ever since he started taking it. He is on the 3rd back now. Pls keep it up and don’t compromise the quality. After this 3rd pack, he will pause for one month and come back again.

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses

Not bad taste with lemon juice concentrate.

One week only twice a day five minutes before eating I been taking this..YES.. I actually am feeling better inner strength... my dermatologist recommended this. Guess my body really needed it. Thanks for coming up with a great product.

Good quality product. Highly recommend.
Just started, but feel better in the morning.

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses