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What is the dosage of a 15oz fresh pouch?

Lipo Naturals comes in a 15oz liquid pouch with a resealable screw-top, the dosage is one tablespoon of liquid per day. At that dosage level, each pouch has enough doses for a month at recommended levels. Per dose, the potency of a liposomal supplement is far greater than regular supplements and so should not be directly compared to regular capsules, pills or powders (per milligram nor otherwise).

How do I store Lipo Naturals?

For maximum potency over the course of your dosage with the product, we suggest you store the product in your refrigerator. It is still fine to take it on a trip or while traveling outside without refrigeration, the product will not spoil. Very old and opened product will just lose potency.

Is the pouch BPA Free?

Yes! Unlike other liposomal supplements, Lipo Naturals is packaged in a specially designed pouch that uses many layers of different BPA-free materials to protect the freshness and integrity of the liposomes.

I live in an area with freezing/hot temperatures, is the product okay during shipment since it says 'Refrigerate Upon Purchase' on the label?

The product is very robust to extreme temperatures up to about 125F - and can tolerate freezing temperatures for short periods of time. It says 'Refrigerate Upon Purchase' on the label because chilling it slows potency loss over months. The shipping time (even internationally) would not affect potency as the product is designed to be on a store shelf in ambient temperatures up to the expiration (about 8 months) with limited potency loss. If still concerned, US/Canada residents can request "Hold For Pickup" in your order notes on checkout. Your shipment will be held at your local post office in air conditioning instead of delivering it in your mailbox. The mail carrier will deliver a pick-up notice to your mailbox.

It says take on an empty stomach, how long before I can eat something?

Once you take your dose, if taken straight without other liquids, it's best to follow it with some water. This will help wash it through the stomach and speed absorption. You can then eat shortly after your dose, about 5 to 10 minutes is plenty.

When is a good time to take the Liposomal C / Liposomal Glutathione?

Although research is new, since Glutathione is tied to your body's day/night cycle and melatonin levels, we recommend taking the liposomal glutathione in the evening just before dinner. This will help levels be at their optimum for when your body naturally goes through its nightly detoxification when sleeping.

For our liposomal vitamin C, if it doesn't disturb your sleep, you can take it as a convenience with your glutathione in the evening - this helps boost collagen production when you sleep as well. Otherwise, for immunity support, it's best to take earlier in the day (before breakfast) as there is sometimes a stimulant effect with our vitamin C.  For optimal immunity support, during cold/flu season for example, you'd want to keep vitamin C levels high throughout the day and evening.  In this case, it's best to take a dose in the morning and another dose in the evening - before each meal.

The product has an offensive taste? Shouldn't it taste like awesome sauce?

The product is not spoiled - this is the normal flavor. Lipo Naturals is not similar to traditional forms of supplements - the pure liposomal form does have a strange flavor. Lipo Naturals has no artificial flavorings or sweeteners added as well. As indicated on our pouch, you can mix your tablespoon dose in a glass of apple or other juice (avoid hot beverages as this affects potency). Or you can take it straight and follow with some water to wash it down if you don’t mind the flavor (many don’t). Keeping the product as pure as possible does increase the potency and shelf-life, ensuring your body best takes advantage of the supplement.

There's brownish deposits when I first pour it, is this normal? How does it look when pouring?

This is normal, there may be some brown deposits in the product. This is from settling of the excess lecithin used in our processes. This excess may congeal to the bottom during shipping/storage. The product is not spoiled and it's fine to drink. Please shake before each dose and you'll have a homogenous dose every time. The product is normally a tan color about the consistency of half & half (slightly thicker than milk).

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