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Effect ingredients at an amazing price. Just force it down lol

Just the Best!

Vit. C is one of the substances most recommended to maintain our natural immunity which we desperately need these days. I mix Lipo Naturals C in a green drink daily and get a good dose each day. I can definitely feel a difference if I slack off and skip the drink for a while. My body seems to thrive on Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vit. C.

Best Vitamin C

Liposomal vitamin c is the best vitamin c on the market!

Excellent Source

This is the best and cleanest Vit C I could find. I am confident this is helpng to keep me from ever getting sick.

Staying well

I love this vitamin C, and nothing compares to it. I take it daily and a little more if I start feeling something coming on. Thank you for this wonderful product.

It’s is a wonderful product! It has help my brother blood sugar to be manageable as the reading has come down from what it used to be. He is looking younger and happier ever since he started taking it. He is on the 3rd back now. Pls keep it up and don’t compromise the quality. After this 3rd pack, he will pause for one month and come back again.

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses

Not bad taste with lemon juice concentrate.

One week only twice a day five minutes before eating I been taking this..YES.. I actually am feeling better inner strength... my dermatologist recommended this. Guess my body really needed it. Thanks for coming up with a great product.

Good quality product. Highly recommend.
Just started, but feel better in the morning.

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses

Helped Cure my Sinus Infection

I did feel a little tired for the first week, but it was worth it for the great results. I had a sinus infection that I'd had for awhile and after the first few days of taking it, it seems to have cleared up. I also noticed my skin is brighter and clearer. I will continue to take it to boost my immune system. Thank you for a great product and I hope this review helps!


Liposomal LipoNaturals has been a valuable asset in helping me reduce the inflammation and EBV in my body. I recommend drinking it from a shot glass and if it’s too much joist a dab of honey on your finger will dissolve the taste. Customer service is wonderful and super efficient in sending it out!

It works well.

The company is very helpful, personable, prompt and attentive.

Love it

A big piece of my healing thank you!

Liposomal Gtathione

Taste really isn't that bad. This is a good cleanse after the vacinnationl

Good product horrific taste

The product works well if you can get past the taste .

Liposomal Gluthathione

Taking it everyday for more than three months but not working for me. This is my last order and will stop taking them just waste of money.


Im not even sure if I’m getting positive side affects from this product because I can’t get past the god awful taste enough to care. It doesn’t matter what you mix it with, the taste is still there. The most horrendous tasting thing I’ve ever had. Gonna keep choking it down because I paid so much but never buying it again.

Quality product

Definitely a quality product. But as some reviewers have stated, the taste is going to take some time getting used to. Luckily, a small amount of fresh orange juice to wash it down does the trick to “cover it up”. I’m looking forward to see how this highly bioavailable form of Vitamin C works for me.

Tastes bad but works well

Pretty affordable too

Great stuff!

Definitely prolongs the time we go between getting sick and helps recovery. It has also helped improve my husbands energy. Highly recommend trying this supplement out.

Love the benefits, I mix with juice to disguise the flavor

Lipo C is the best antioxident bar none

I am so thankful for such a product to minimize any health issue that comes up from a mild fever, to any illness, it knocks a punch to minimize it or eliminate it!

Lipo Naturals Liposomal Vitamin C from Sunflowers 15oz / 30 Daily Doses