Can Vitamin C and E Help Protect Skin from Sun Damage? Studies Say Yes!

Can Vitamin C and E Help Protect Skin from Sun Damage? Studies Say Yes!

Can vitamin C and E help protect skin from sun damage? Studies say yes!1, 2

Summertime is here! While the sun’s UV rays can be dangerous, the sun also triggers vitamin D production. But actually, there are a host of benefit to daily sun exposure. So how do we protect our skin while still reaping the benefits of those golden summer rays?

Research shows that vitamin C not only prevents UV damage, it can reverse it. That’s because vitamin C targets free radicals, accomplishing three things:

1: Limits damage from UV light exposure.3

2: Repairs already damaged skin cells.4

3: Suppresses UVB-induced inflammation (aka sunburn).5

Just to be clear, we’re not suggesting that you forgo the sunscreen. Because unlike sunscreen, Vitamin C does not absorb or reflect UVA or UVB spectrum light. Rather, vitamin C aids in the skin’s natural regeneration process, helping to repair damaged skin cells. After all, skin contains extremely high levels of vitamin C.6 Which makes sense since vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, a protein which comprises most of our skin.7 - Roughly 75-80%!8 - Which is just one reason why we suggest adding vitamin C to your daily skincare routine.

So, get out. Enjoy that summertime glow! And remember that when it comes to skin health, vitamin C shines.









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