Sliced citrus fruit containing vitamin c

We're Finding Our Bodies Are Dangerously Low on Vitamin C

Our modern diets are resulting in a disease normally associated with sailors from medieval times.  Patients are showing up to hospitals with wounds that won't heal and other symptoms:  they have scurvy.  Most of scurvy's damage is caused by the breaking down of the cells lining our blood vessels and internal parts - called epithelial cells. Vitamin C is key in making sure collagen is available to repair normal day-to-day damage and promote cell replacement to keep these internal structures strong.  When vitamin C is absent in the blood, these structures don't hold, resulting in internal bleeding among other issues.

Making an effort to eat fruits and vegetables will prevent scurvy in most cases.  People using liposomal vitamin C would have high blood levels of vitamin C... and Lipo Naturals makes a pretty good one. Read the full story about the resurgence of scurvy on BBC.

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