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Liposome Illustration

What is a Liposomal Supplement?

A new technology, Liposomal supplements are the most potent dietary supplements that you can take orally. Lipo Naturals boosts supplement levels in your body far higher than previously thought possible without an IV. Regular supplement pills, liquids, and powders have an upper limit of bioavailability because of the amount that can pass through the digestive system.

Lipo Naturals encapsulates pharmaceutical-grade dietary supplements in a tiny lipid bubble - called a 'liposome.' This liposome becomes a vehicle for its contents that are easily digested, by-passing the previous oral supplementation limits of regular vitamins. With supplements encapsulated in this way, they're easy on the stomach, easily absorbed, and far more potent than any other high dose supplements. Our customers are finding the benefits of our liposomal vitamin C pretty amazing - and we now have liposomal glutathione!

Actual Benefits of Liposomal Supplements, Testified by Thousands of Happy Humans

What can Liposomal Vitamin C do for your body? Customers are seeing noticeable results in only a few weeks...

 Builds Collagen to Increase Skin Elasticity
 Restores Hair & Nail Appearance
 Supercharge Your Immune System
 Enhances Energy and Alertness
 Real Anti-Aging Results Inside & Out

Our Liposomal Glutathione Antioxidant Complex?...

 Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles
 Fortifies Skin's Natural UV Protection
 Boosts Immunity & Detoxifies the Body
 Prevent Age-Related Cell Damage

Liposome Illustration

Lipo Naturals is Different

We're not the only one making liposomal supplements, but we're sure we're making the best available. That is our mission. We spent years developing an extremely potent and natural liposomal vitamin C, our first product, that has no artificial preservatives. Because of the high bioavailability of liposomal supplements, we don't believe in using chemicals, artificial flavorings/sweeteners, or alcohol like others do. We made our formula free of allergens.

Our vitamin C is imported from Scotland. We use the highest quality glutathione from Japan. Our lipids are derived from sunflowers, not cheap soy, and imported from the Netherlands. These ingredients really are the best we can possibly use. They were also researched by Lipo Naturals for effectiveness, so we don't just use them because of their perceived quality - they do work better.

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